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What is NLP?


27 Aug What is NLP?

NLP is a practical set of skills, techniques and attitudes for becoming more effective in life, both personally and professionally. NLP studies how our habitual patterns of thinking (Neuro), communication (Linguistics) and behaviour (programming) shape our unique experience of life and our interactions with other people.

By becoming more aware of your own habitual patterns and learning where, when and how to make small changes, you can begin to improve your results in whatever area of your life, career or relationships that you choose. By becoming more aware of these patterns in other people, you can also increase your ability to understand, influence and effectively engage with them. In a rapidly changing world, where time seems ever shorter and stresses ever greater, the ability to manage both ourselves and our relationships with other people is becoming more and more crucial.

NLP has been defined as ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’ and ‘the study of excellence’.

Find out more at https://www.liveitorleadit.com/nlptraining

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