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20 November

About This Project

Why Choose NLP Coaching?




If you could make a real change in your life what would it be?

Would you go for that promotion?

Start your own business?

Work on your self confidence in public speaking?

Improve your relationships?

Or would you finally tackle your fears and the things that have been holding you back in life from being who you want to be and achieving what you want to achieve?

At OR, we believe in the power of choice.

You can put up with the same old issues, problems and frustrations in your life, work or organisation and go round in the same old circles…


You can choose to do something different…

With our particular expertise in NLP Coaching we can help you to think, communicate, and act more effectively, to create the results you want to achieve and to empower you to reach your goals and meet the challenges of life and work with confidence.

Often described as ‘A User’s Manual For The Mind’, NLP Coaching enables you to become more aware of how your own habitual patterns of thinking (Neuro), communication (Linguistic) and behaviour (Programming) shape your experience of life and by making small changes, you can quickly begin to improve your results in whatever area of your life, career or relationships with other people that you choose.

Through our NLP Coaching process we have helped our clients to:

  • Overcome Fears & Phobias
  • Deal effectively with stress and anxiety
  • Start new businesses
  • And improve their results in existing ones
  • Prepare for Job interviews
  • Earn promotions
  • Build more cohesive teams
  • Become more effective leaders

And achieve the results they want to in life, work and sport


Take a look at what our clients are saying about us:


‘Michael, thank you so much! It has enabled me to see things differently and feel more confident about my ability to get what I want in life.’



‘Thank you so much for your help and support… It was a transformational experience for me!’



‘Michael, thank you so so much. I didn’t get the panic attack on either flight. I remained calm and ‘normal’! Thank you so much!’



‘Thank you, Michael! This is life changing stuff!’



‘Michael Dunlop, what have you done to me?! 30 years of extreme phobia, as anyone who knows me can testify and 3 minutes with you… and I’ve just released this beast back into the garden. If that’s not an outcome I don’t know what is!’

 Craig Thompson


‘With NLP change need not be a daily struggle fuelled by willpower; change is within my own reach and I can choose how I feel, behave and react.  Michael shines with enthusiasm, integrity and generosity of spirit.’


Alana Jones. Workplace Solutions: Executive Coaching; Training; Organisational Development



‘Michael embodies the best of NLP, high values, skill, is a model of success, a fantastic Coach and a really nice guy’.

Joanna O’Brien. Career Consultant at Inside Out NLP Coaching

NLP skills and methodologies are now widely used to improve outcomes in areas as diverse as Business, Health, Education, Politics, Community Development & Sport and NLP principles are at the heart of the approach taken to developing the Northern Ireland Programme for Government.

Learning NLP has become an essential element in professional development programmes for Leaders and Managers and it is a key part of the toolkit for many Life, Executive and Leadership Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.

Alongside our training, coaching and consultancy with individuals, groups and businesses we also work ‘in-house’ with some of Northern Ireland’s most recognisable organisations in the Public, Private and Third Sectors.

What Can We Do To Help You To Make A Difference?